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Join me as I share with you my STEP-BY-STEP leadership process that catapults corporate managers into executive leadership positions and enables them to truly maximize their career.


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During this free webinar you’ll learn: 

  • My entire STEP-BY-STEP leadership process that guides managers from feeling like they have plateaued in their career to deciding which opportunity they should take  
  • The exact communication strategies any manager can use to repair and build relationships so that when they ask for support they don't appear too pushy or agressive  
  • Why my clients feel SUPER confident advocating for themselves knowing their value-driven goals are crystal clear and aligned with the needs of the organization  
  • EXACTLY how managers can use their network, mentors and sponsors to create their own personal board of directors that not only creates ongoing opportunities but sets them up for success once they receive that promotion

And so much more!




“I achieved a huge professional goal and accepted an executive leadership position with a local investment firm.”

My decision to hire Stacy to become my leadership coach was an easy one. Right out of the gate, from our initial discovery call together, Stacy has encouraged me to expand my thinking and reach beyond my comfort zone. She provokes thought, challenges me on different levels, politely calls me out if I fall out of the growth process, and gently helps me to regain focus. With Stacy’s coaching and continued support, I achieved a huge professional goal and accepted an executive leadership position with a local investment firm. There are many options when choosing a leadership coach and I feel fortunate to have found Stacy.  

– Heather Penrod, Chief Operations Officer  


"The impact and tangible outcomes far exceeded my expectations.”

I expected the insights gained from coaching to be helpful and interesting, however, the impact and tangible outcomes of the coaching program far exceeded my expectations. Within 2 months, I was starting a new role within my organization, with a 12% salary increase, and even more importantly, the opportunity to learn and grow in a new field for me.  

I defined time-specific career development goals that would get me where I want to be for the rest of my life. I realized how resistant I have been to share my goals with people who can help me meet these goals, and when I overcome this resistance, things change quickly! I gained insight into ways I have been guarded about keeping strict boundaries between my work and personal relationships and am more open to exploring decreasing the rigidity of these lines.  

– Kat Wentworth, Project Manager  


Stacy Mayer is a certified leadership coach for corporate managers who have plateaued and want to accelerate their career growth to gain recognition, get promoted into a higher level leadership position and start having more influence within their organization. 

She lives in Silicon Valley with her family and LOVES coaching corporate managers to regain control by enhancing their commuincation skills, managing difficult relationships and using emotional intelligence skills and is honored to be guiding clients through this process from all over the US and Canada with her one-on-one coaching services.  

If you enjoy this free webinar, at the end you will have the opportunity to apply for Stacy’s career strategy call, where she walks you through her proven promotion process and how it applies to your unique situation so you can begin to get the recognition you deserve and start making an impact today.