How to use your career magic to create more prosperity, more promotions, and more recognition at work.

We’ve brought together a panel of corporate badass women leaders who used their career magic to advance to higher levels of leadership without more work, more degrees, or waiting for their next performance review.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Summon Big, Bold Results: Learn how to set intentions that get you the position you want, when you want it.
  • Blaze Your Own Career Path: Create unlimited career opportunities for yourself by tapping into the magic of curiosity.
  • Embody Real Executive Presence: Break into higher levels of leadership by owning that you belong there.
  • Slay Self-Sabotage: Eliminate the self-imposed obstacles that have been holding you back, ensuring your career magic works for you like never before.
  • And more!!

If you’re trying to get promoted but not actually getting the results you want, it’s time to tap into your ✨ MAGIC ✨

"By applying what Stacy teaches to your professional development, you’ll learn to fully believe in yourself and know that you have the strategies and the tactics to go out and make that next level happen for you."

Jennifer, Chief Sales Officer

Meet Your Panelists

Stacy Mayer

Chief Corporate Badass

Stacy Mayer is the bestselling author of Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite, a certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist, a mother and wife living in Silicon Valley, CA, and the creator of The Leadership Table, a private coaching program for corporate women who want to take their rightful position in the executive suite. She is the host of the Women Changing Leadership podcast and founder of The Leadership Table Project, a daily blog that teaches women how to gain influence and power through self advocacy, agency and allyship.

Thelma D. Haddock

Senior Director, Change Management-Technology

Thelma Haddock is a people-first leader on a mission to improve employee engagement, diversity, and innovation while achieving higher profitability and stronger overall business results for her organization. Thelma is currently Senior Director of Change Management-Technology where she provides thought leadership, guidance and strategy, and motivates her team to collaborate cross-functionally and with key stakeholders.

Stefanie Gordish

Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Stefanie Gordish is on a mission to help visionary B2B companies become category leaders and admired brands. Her approach centers on helping companies communicate what they do, how they do it, and why it matters. Her teams build brand strategies, develop thought leadership platforms, launch books and online platforms, create compelling content and customer stories, and more to engage today’s business stakeholders.

Kristi Sarno

Vice President Business Development and Corporate Strategy

Kristi Sarno currently serves as Vice President Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Homology Medicines where she leads strategic development and deal-making in private, public, and non-profit sectors. Kristi was also the former President of Women In Bio and was instrumental in launching significant programs that have changed the way board level recruiting is perceived within the industry.

We are the warriors, the change makers, the goddesses, the corporate badass women who are already changing the leadership table – and we are doing it with an elevated, receiving-a-promotion-while-on-vacation approach to our careers.

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