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Ditch the BS career advice holding you back so you can do what it actually takes to get promoted to the executive suite.

Too many women leaders are receiving pats on the back instead of the promotions they deserve.

The cause? Mediocre and misleading advice from their bosses, their HR teams, and conventional women’s leadership programs that teaches them how to be better in their role but not how to land the promotion and compensation they already deserve.

The corporate women leaders I work with get recognized, promoted, and have a seat and a voice at the table. They are fulfilled leaders who get paid for their ideas and not just the hours they put in at work. And in this free workshop, I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain at the exact promotion strategies that helped them get there.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Play a completely different career game: Learn my process for building allies across your entire executive team so they’re ready and willing to go to bat for you (I guarantee no one at your organization is doing this!).
  • Receive the $$$ you deserve: Discover the extremely simple and easy-to-implement strategy my clients have used to secure multiple six-figure salary increases.
  • Attract endless career opportunities: Master the executive interview strategy my clients use to receive multiple job offers and build executive-level confidence at the same time.
  • Be seen as an executive leader now: Make this 5% shift in your communication so you can instantly be seen as a strategic executive leader who’s ready for her next level of leadership.
  • Bypass your boss: Bring unprecedented clarity to your career path so that getting promoted multiple levels above your boss is not only possible but inevitable.
  • And more!!

You hold the keys to achieving your career goals, and with the right strategies in place, you can better control how and when your next promotion happens.

“Within months of working with Stacy, I received a title and salary boost. And the promotions kept coming! The sense that I am fully utilizing my knowledge, skills and talents is wonderful - the added financial freedom isn't bad either.”

Heather, Operations Risk & Control

About Stacy

Stacy Mayer, one of North America’s most highly sought after executive coaches and promotion strategists for women, is on a mission to double the number of women promoted to the executive suite each year worldwide.

She is the bestselling author of Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite, a mother and wife living in Silicon Valley, CA, and the creator of The Leadership Table, a private coaching program for corporate women who want to take their rightful position in the executive suite.

Her podcast, Women Changing Leadership with Stacy Mayer, shares strategies and insights to help women get promoted, get paid, and bring their whole selves to the leadership table. It attracts powerhouse corporate women across multiple industries who are creating massive change at their organizations from the executive suite out.

She is also the founder of The Leadership Table Project, a daily blog that teaches women how to gain influence and power through self advocacy, agency and allyship.

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